Past Presidents and Officers

PAST PRESIDENTS Thomas F. Mullen 1939 Henry H. Searls 1940 Emile Holman 1941 Dexter N. Richards 1942 Edmund Butler 1943 Alson R. Kilgore 1944 Frederick L. Reichert 1945 John W. Cline 1946 H. Glenn Bell 1947 Sumner Everingham 1948 William W. Washburn 1949 L. R. Chandler 1950 Leon Goldman 1951 Carleton Mathewson, Jr. 1952 H. […]

Recruiting New Members

It is time to solicit applications for membership in the Society.  If you wish to sponsor a candidate, please fill out the application found here. Applicants must have graduated medical school at least 10 years ago. The complete application should include: 1) The completed application.2) The candidate’s CV.3) A passport-sized picture of the applicant.4) Two letters […]

Our New Members, 2019

Tonight we will be welcoming our new members to the Society. They include: Warren J. Gasper                       James Korndorffer Jr.    Eric Kubat                       Elizabeth Linehan            Rita A. Mukhtar              Susannah M. Rose        Sanziana Roman           Julie Ann Sosa                                  Yulia Zak  


SAN FRANCISCO SURGICAL SOCIETY CONSTITUTION and BY-LAWS 2014 ARTICLE I.  NAME        The name of the Society shall be “The San Francisco Surgical Society.” ARTICLE II.  OBJECTS       The objects of the Society are the cultivation and improvement of the Science and Art of Surgery and, to this end, the exchange of ideas and counsel amongst the […]